Welcome to the Blogosphere Moderhead. Finally.

I’m not sure why it took me so long. I have been a mushroom-eater when it comes to everything techy. An early-adapter. But in this arena I have drug my feet. Actually, I know exactly why I haven’t done it yet.

#1. Some opinions are better off not shared.

#2. Writing should involve both thought and content, which is glaringly absent from most blogging.

#3. I did not want to add one more thing to my regular TO DO list.


Well, writer’s write. And I want to stop making excuses and write more. I want to hone my craft. And now that I don’t have a regular preaching gig, I feel my need to communicate shifting mediums.

And, I suppose that I finally feel like I have something worth saying. This is my 47th year of life and my 27th year of youth ministry. I have worked with “literally” (channeling Rob Lowe here) thousands of teenagers. I have spent significant time in both small congregations and large congregations, in both the church and the para-church. I have performed both funerals and weddings of kids that were in my youth group; many of my former teenagers are now pastors and missionaries and board members; other are in jail, many are divorced; some have come out of the closet, and sadly some have renounced their faith all together. I’ve been both hired and fired, both cheered and falsely accused; had youth ministries in the single digits and some in the hundreds. I have been the low man on the totem pole and now the CEO of the organization. But most of my street-cred probably comes from raising 2 teenagers of our own with my wife Heidi over the past 20 years. I feel like I have not just a right, but somewhat of a responsibility, to add my voice to the conversation, at least in the arenas of youth ministry, the church, small groups and all things concerning Gonzaga basketball. I will occasionally chime in about parenting, discipleship, evangelism, home schooling and snowboarding and a few other topics I’m sure.

You will hear my biases.  You will both laugh and cringe. I have always tried to say what needed to be said, even if it’s difficult to say, or hear.  Like one of my mentors says: “Say the last 5%.” Don’t leave it unsaid assuming they understand. If you have the coins in the jar with people, say what they need to hear in love.

It will be fun to interact, to see who engages, and to learn from each other. Let’s agree upfront to agree to disagree and to have congenial dialogue. Because at the end of the day, you are my friend and I value that above just about everything.

Blessings. See you in the Blogosphere.


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