Star Wars…. the saga continues 

Having seen Rogue One 3 times this week I thought I would share my thoughts (without spoiling it).

1. It is the best written movie in the series. The plotline and the acting are superb. Forrest Whittaker does a killer job in his role as well as all the lead characters.

2. They finally got the sidekick humor right. C-3po was alright, Jar-Jar was a bust, but this new droid K2 is actually funny.

3. I love the way the writers tied the movie into the rest of the series without being over the top obvious about it, cameos by Wookies and things like that. They actually dumbed down some of the tech to make it fit in the rest of the Star Wars universe. It felt rooted in the series, like it belonged.

4. The future of movies and digitizing characters is here. Video games and movies will eventually be seamless. We may never have to say goodbye to some of our favorite heros from this point on in our culture. I’ll bet we even see Elvis return someday… 

So, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, go see it over the holidays with your family. I enjoyed the big sound and the color of the RPX and IMAX (3D) over the regular version. I don’t think I’d pay for 3D again, but definitely RPX. Star Wars has become part of the continuing saga of all of our lives, going back to almost everyone’s childhood, and it brings our family together for another chapter in our personal journeys.




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