Stop Villianizing Richard Sherman

I’m not defending his actions, but I’m tired of people villianizing Richard Sherman. He is not a thug. He is not a dirty player. He doesn’t get in trouble with the law. He’s intelligent, graduated with a 4.2 in HS, 2nd in his class, a Stanford graduate and usually very well-spoken. He a fierce competitor, who runs his mouth, but isn’t intimidation part of the game? This video will make you look at him differently, but what you won’t see is what he does in Seattle all the time. He gives back to the community constantly, doing fundraisers, visiting kids in the hospital stuff like that. He’s a mixed bag like all of us… and I wish he hadn’t called out his opponent. But I’ll bet he had very good reason…. it’ll come out, just wait. He was miked and NFL films will show it all Wednesday night. And love him or hate him now, Richard Sherman will be a commentator someday that you will love, along the lines of other brash athletes who’ve blazed that trail like Deon Sanders and Karl Malone.


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