So you wanna know the differences between N. Idaho and W. Washington?

2 years ago we moved from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Bellingham, Washington… and I thought you might enjoy the contrasts. I know we have!

N. Idaho – Republicans Everywhere.
W. Washington – Democrats Everywhere.

W. Washington – Recycle, ReUse, RePurpose everything!
N. Idaho – Don’t bother trying to recycle – it all goes to the same burn pit.

N. Idaho -Most popular vehicle is a Chevy Suburban.
W. Washington -Most popular vehicle is a Toyota Prius.

N. Idaho- 6″ inches of snow… you still have school today
W. Washington – 1/2″ of snow… shuts down the city.

N. Idaho – Homeschoolers everywhere.
W. Washington – same

W. Washington – other ethnicities and cultures are abundant & celebrated.
N. Idaho – you NEVER see 2 minorities on the same day.

N. Idaho – Everyone shoots and kills animals.
W. Washington – Animals have sweaters and ride in purses and strollers.

N. Idaho – Dress code is blue jeans and Carharts.
W. Washington – Dress code is skinny jeans and black frame glasses

N. Idaho – Traffic means you had to wait 45 seconds to turn left onto Hwy 95
W. Washington – Traffic means you’re going to be 45 minutes late today for no apparent reason.

W. Washington – Speeders are from Canada
N. Idaho – Speeders are from Montana

W. Washington – Highest Minimum Wage in the US
N. Idaho – Tips are subtracted from minimum wage server jobs

W. Washington – Bike riders are people who want to be healthy
N. Idaho – Bike riders are people who’ve had their license suspended for DUI

W. Washington -Wolf Lodge is a great place to vacation as a family
N. Idaho –  Wolf Lodge is the best steak house in the area.

N. Idaho –  Deer dart across the road in abject fear.
W. Washington – Deer lounge in the road and look at you like… “Get out of my yard!”

N. Idaho –  4 Seasons: Spring, Summer,Winter, Fall
W. Washington – 2 Seasons: Rain and August

And don’t get me started on the the annual multi-level marketing epidemic that invades N. Idaho every winter like an invasive species; or the fact that in my current city of Bellingham, it’s illegal for stores to put your groceries in plastic bags. I love dolphins too, but seriously people, this is inconvenient!



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