Who’s chasing whom?

A professor friend recommended a book to me the other day. It’s over 30 yrs old and I have no idea how I missed it. It’s called “Christianity Rediscovered” by Vincent J. Donovan. He was the first missionary to introduce Jesus to The Masai tribe in Tanzania. He found he had to strip the Gospel down to it’s bare essentials. He discovered that much of what most missionaries were peddling was not really the Gospel, but something else. Just what is the Gospel? What would you communicate to a culture that did not know of Jesus, Father God or the Church? I think this discussion is very relevant to the post Christian culture we now find ourselves in in the United States. I believe the tribes of teenagers that we are called to in the Northwest are perhaps nearly as ignorant of the real Jesus as the Masai were when Donovan encountered them.

Here’s a cool story from the book I thought I’d pass along to you.

“Months later when all this had passed, I was sitting talking with a Masai elder about the agony of belief and unbelief. He used two languages to respond to me – his own and Kiswahili. He pointed out that the word my Masai catechist, Paul, and I had used to covey faith was not a very satisfactory word in their language. It meant literally “to agree to.” I, myself, knew the word had that shortcoming. He said “to believe” like that was similar to a white hunter shooting an animal with his gun from a great distance. Only his eyes and his fingers took part in the act. We should find another word. He said for a man really to believe is like a lion going after its prey. His nose and eyes and ears pick up the prey. His legs give him the speed to catch it. All the power of his body is involved in the terrible death leap and single blow to the neck with the front paw, the blow that actually kills. And as the animal goes down the lion envelops it in his arms (Africans refer to the front legs of an animal as its arms), pulls it to himself, and makes it part of himself. This is the way a lion kills. This is the way a man believes. This is what faith is.
I looked at the elder in silence and amazement. Faith understood like that would explain why, when my own was gone, I ached in every fiber of my being. But my wise old teacher was not finished yet.
“We did not search you out, Padri,” he said to me. “We did not even want you to come to us. You searched us out. You followed us away from your house into the bush, into the plains, into the steppes where our cattle are, into the hills where we take our cattle for water, into our villages, into our homes. You told us of the High God, how we must search for him, even leave our land and our people to find him. But we have not done this. We have not left our land. We have not searched for him.  He has searched for us. He has searched us out and found us. All the time we think we are the lion. In the end, the lion is God.”

Of course he is the Lion. It’s so easy for me to think this evangelism thing is all on me… I forget that “the Hound of Heaven” is also pursuing us with a vengeance.


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  1. Great post. Thanks Mark. Kept picturing Aslan in my head. haha. Thankful for a God that pursues us relentlessly with his love.


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