Young Life or Youth for Christ “What’s the difference?”

we love young life too...I run a parachurch youth ministry called Youth Dynamics. And although we’ve been around for 42 years, there are lots of people who’ve never heard of YD. When I tell them what we do often times the follow up question is always something like: “So how are you guys different from Young Life or YFC?”

One of my good friends works for Youth for Christ and I asked him one day if he got that question a lot and he told me this awesome story.

One time the president of YFC was out with a donor who gave substantially to both Young Life and Youth for Christ. In the course of their conversation, he asked the President, “So what’s the difference between Young Life and YFC?” The President said: “Oh that’s easy.” “If Young Life was a car, it’d be a BMW. If Youth for Christ was a car it’d be a F-150.”  Then my friend asked me. What kind of car would “Youth Dynamics be?” I immediately responded. “A Subaru.” No question.

Youth Dynamics is the youth ministry that has that outdoorsy distinction to it. We do all this adventure stuff. Rock Climbing, River Rafting, Kayaking, Hiking, Mountaineering, Horses… I would say that the teenagers we work with are a little different as well. They aren’t the kids from in-tact families, they don’t often play sports, they haven’t ever been to church, some could be called “at-risk” but not all of them could be defined that way, but what teenager isn’t “at-risk” these days, right? I think that most of the teenagers we work with could be aptly called “fringe” kids. They don’t fit in for the most part.

“How do we differ from Young Life or YFC?” That’s the question people most frequently ask… what my church friends don’t ask, but what their thinking is: “Why do you even exist at all? You guys should be doing this in a local church… not taking money and students from us.”

I think I just found my next blog post.



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